What a winner of a week!


Winner: eLearning Excellence Awards – VET Sector This week our VET LMS product scored a major award from the national eLearning body and I was surprised, almost shocked. Why? Well … Our product has more VET specific functionality than any other LMS I’ve seen, by far. Even with my Rose-tinted-glasses places firmly between the smartphone and tablet… Read more

Training Sector Confidence Survey


JWGecko’s Training Sector Confidence Survey is an independent initiative by JWGecko for Australian VET Leaders. 2014 has been a tumultuous year for our sector; the VET Reform Agenda, Total VET Activity Reporting, the USI and more negative comment in the media about our sector than there has been in a long time, if ever. Click Here or… Read more

Spam the torpedos!

The Spam dilemma: After reading yet another negative media piece about the VET sector I raised concern with our team about morale out there in training world. We wondered what was really happening out there, how people were feeling. How confident are ‘you’ about our sector’s future? Bad press, changing requirements, IPOs, acquisitions, aggregation, closures, VET… Read more