Gecko Automation tool saves “10 hours per week”

Hi Overworked RTOers!

How much time each week does your Admin team spend doing mundane tasks like the ones below?

  • Training reminders via email and SMS
  • Chasing up incomplete AVETMISS details
  • Sending QI Surveys for Employer and Student
  • Completing QI Reports and analysis
  • Award expiry marketing
  • Contacting trainers about changes to their schedules
  • Contact students about changes in occurrences ( locations, times, trainer)
  • What about chasing up students for their USIs?

Leon to the Rescue!

We would like to introduce you to our automated VETtrak Administrator called Leon.

  • Leon can automatically complete all these repetitive tasks for you – just set and forget.
  • Leon  ‘reminders’ are smartphone mobile friendly.
  • Everything Leon does is recorded in your student management system.

You can pay Leon per month much less than you would pay normal administrator per week and Leon doesn’t have holidays.
Leon’s services include:

  • Includes 1000 SMS per month
  • Includes 5000 Emails per month

Customise Leon – Yes! You can come up with your own list of tasks for Leon!

To HIRE LEON or check his references please give me a call and we will explain all about the next step in RTO process automation by JWGecko.

John Wooding
Sales & Marketing Manager