Easy USI Process

Good news about collecting USIs for your students, and it won’t cost our customers anything!

  • We have had the new USI question for some time however I believe it is time for many of you to start using it – there is no charge for the question or turning it on.
  • We also have a neat way of collecting USI data for clients who have already enrolled – that free too.

The USI question:

As many of you realise we have a new USI question on the enrolment form which you can start using now.

It is on the AVETMISS Step for now:
Do you have a USI?

The help button opens a new tab and takes the user to the USI website.

If the clients has a USI:

Yes I have a USI!

We validate that the number is a USI and pass the number back to the SMS.

If the client doesn’t have a USI: We explain how they can get one and why they need to do it. The link opens in a new tab of course.

I don't have a USI!


USI Made Easy!

As you may know we have a range of new automated services;

  • Email and SMS reminders of Course commencement
  • QI Surveys and reports
  • AVETMISS Data Collection
  • Award Expiry and refresher enrolment

We have created a FREE* USI Collection workflow:

  1. Every week we will retrieve a list of all students with and NRT enrolment whose end date is after January 1st 2015
  2. Send a [standard] email to these students explaining what a USI is and why they need it
    1. The content provided by our Audit Consultant
    2. A link in the email to the USI site to generate the USI
    3. A link in the email to add the USI to their student profile and VETtrak
  3. A second email goes out a week after the first email to students who have not uploaded their USI
  4. An SMS to students who still haven’t uploaded the data after three weeks [SMS @ your cost]
    1. Yes the USI update tool works in a Smartphone!


  • This is a VERY busy time of the year and so this offer is open to clients who register their interest via email before Friday 21st November 2014
  • Current active clients only
  • The service will be at no charge until January 31st 2015 and then will form part of our “Leon” product set.
  • This is an excellent chance to try our automated VETtrak admin Leon J