Training Sector Confidence Survey

JWGecko’s Training Sector Confidence Survey is an independent initiative by JWGecko for Australian VET Leaders.

2014 has been a tumultuous year for our sector; the VET Reform Agenda, Total VET Activity Reporting, the USI and more negative comment in the media about our sector than there has been in a long time, if ever. Click Here or on the document to download the report summary. The complete summary is only available to Survey Respondents.



Introduction: Overall we were very pleased with the response to the initiative and the level of commitment from participants. In the next iteration of the survey we will include a ‘Forward to a Friend’ function and we are currently recruiting VET leaders to be a part of our advisory panel. The ‘Forward to a Friend’ feature will increase the penetration of the survey and the advisory panel will assist us in adding to the poignancy of the data.

Who completed the survey: All states and territories were represented, in the future we will look to weight the responses based on the relative number of RTOs between States. 61% of the responses came from CEO or General Managers, while Compliance, Curriculum and Operations Managers made up 31% of responses. We believe this is an excellent cross section of the sector. There was also a broad cross section of RTO business models; interestingly 38% of the responding RTOs were ‘Fee for Service’.

In summary: Our survey respondents felt that while enrolments were currently down on last year, business is OK at the moment and a little more than half felt that things would improve in the next six months. Most concerning is that fact that 11% more RTOs believe they will laying off staff than those who will be hiring.


  • Factors are limiting your ability to increase your RTO’s business activity:
    Rogue operators are thought to be creating the main barrier to increased activity. Confidence index: Frustrated!
    Most survey respondents (62%) felt that “Rogue Operators driving prices and quality downward” is the major limiting factor in terms of business activity; the Cost of compliance also rated at 51% while confusion about, and changes to, funding schemes came in at 41%.
  • Confident about the Federal Government’s and Minister Macfarlane’s VET Reform agenda: Confidence index: Not that confident
    Sad to say 41% of RTOs surveyed said “Not very confident” or “Not at all confident”. 31% were “Confident”, no one was “Extremely Confident”.

Click Here or on the image to download the survey summary.

We are happy to receive you feedback on any element of our Training Sector Confidence Survey initiative – customerservice @ The complete survey report is only available to survey participants.

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