Don’t be annoyed by a weekend call!

Be available after hours … just occasionally. On the weekend we went away for a relaxing ‘post return to school term break’ [no kids or dogs] and it seemed the Internet gods must have known. There was a DNS router issue in Europe and a major supplier had an API issue. The result was; fixing… Read more

QR Code Marketing Fun!

Hi VET Geckos! We have just made some of our marketing functionality a little easier for you to use so I thought I would write to you about using it. Have you heard about QR codes? They are the crazy square bar codes you can see everywhere; hidden behind the dots is a web address…. Read more

Cherry 14.6.1 Release

Hi Everyone, Wednesday is release day for your JWGecko product set! There are 42 [the magic number] Enhancements, new features and fixes. When you receive our email about the release tomorrow please do a test enrolment on your website that includes the use of any customisation. Release management and testing: Please do a test enrolment on your… Read more