QR Code Marketing Fun!

Hi VET Geckos! We have just made some of our marketing functionality a little easier for you to use so I thought I would write to you about using it. Have you heard about QR codes? They are the crazy square bar codes you can see everywhere; hidden behind the dots is a web address…. Read more

Cherry 14.6.1 Release

Hi Everyone, Wednesday is release day for your JWGecko product set! There are 42 [the magic number] Enhancements, new features and fixes. When you receive our email about the release tomorrow please do a test enrolment on your website that includes the use of any customisation. Release management and testing: Please do a test enrolment on your… Read more

Cherry 14.4.0 Release Notes

Hi everyone, Exciting times!   We will be rolling out our Cherry 14.4 release to shared hosting servers on Wednesday morning. Own Server clients will be updated next week. The overarching feature updates are for improved ease-of-use with additional focus on reducing workload in busy RTOs – you be the judge.   Before we do the release… Read more

Cherry 14.1.0 Maintenance Release Notes

Hi everyone,  Where did the holidays go? It is that time of the year again – VETtrak major release and the normal rules apply: Don’t upgrade to VETtrak 4.4.1 without us or your website will break! The Cherry release to match VETtrak and the new API will be out on Thursday next week – 23rd January. We… Read more

Cherry 13.11.1 Release

Dear extremely hard working VET Gurus!   The last release for the year!   It is massively busy in the Gecko Silos as we get lots of new clients live and get ready for the break. Today sees the final release for the year as we ready for the AVETMISS 7 release of VETtrak. We… Read more