Award Winning VET LMS

Australia’s only LMS built specifically for VET

It makes sense: VET LMS automatically registers students, checks eligibility and updates their information in your Student Records System (SRS) so you don't have to. VET LMS uses SRS data to ensure students study the correct online learning material, know about class changes, locations, contracts, units of competency and when assignments are due. Unlike other LMS products, VET LMS listens to your SRS and knows who each student's trainers are and who needs to provide assessment. VET LMS flags students at risk, collects USIs and AVETMISS data and even creates receipts and builds payment plans on the fly. VET LMS includes SEO and AD Word tools as well as CRM integration. VET LMS clients use a very broad range of content: Futura, Google (Sheets, Slides & Sites), IBSA, LTI Support, OCA - Platinum eLearning, PDF, SCORM - both Standards, HTML5 Mobile Friendly Content.

  • VET LMS is the proud winner of the Australia eLearning Association's award for eLearning Excellence in the VET sector.
  • VET LMS: Responsive by design ... Responsive by nature.
  • VET LMS has 80+ integration points available for SRS integration and extensive integration with VETtrak and EnquiryMate - personalised iOS and Android Apps available.
  • Our system is trusted by some of Australia’s largest and fastest growing RTOs managing the learning of thousands of students.

VET LMS - Control at a Glance

Unique Features

Start learning now!

The only integrated enrolment and learning platform in the VET space.
What is the first thing a student wants to see when they complete their enrolment?

VET LMS is the only SMS integrated LMS in Australia that offers immediate access to online learning regardless of where the student enrolled online or not.

Student Trainer association

Generally an LMS course is associated with a marker or trainer. VET LMS inherits the association between student and trainer from your SMS. This allows multi-cohort progress through a single LMS course with different trainer, markers and permissions managed dynamically.

Cluster learning

VET LMS allows the instructional designer to create actions within a course or programme; a key action type is the recording of results in the SMS against an enrolment or Unit. Vet LMS is the only LMS to be able to record different result types for multiple unit enrolments at the same time. This means the information in your SMS truly represents the state of a student’s study against multiple units of competency simultaneously.

Syndicated content

Updating content in multiple LMS data stores on multiple servers is complicated and labour intensive; it is also represent a high risk that various databases might be out of synch representing a compliance risk. VET LMS provides copying, sharing and syndication tools within and LMS and a synchronisation mechanism between servers.

Our eLearning platform includes extensive integration with your SMS and automates repetitive tasks to save you time and money. 

Multiple cohorts with different trainers progress through a single course in VET LMS without being aware of each other. Facebook styled forums and discussion functionality allows users to interact at the assignment, cohort or Programme level. Discussions may be created as assessable course items. Share Course functionality allows RTOs to customise courses for employers, a cohort or individual (RPL / Credit transfer) without adding unduly to the maintenance burden. Change the mapped course material in one place and the update is everywhere, instantly! Copy Course makes building new courses faster and easier than starting from scratch. Course creation is FAST.

Minimise compliance and assessment costs by using VET LMS in class common assessment mechanisms across multiple delivery methods saves time and minimises compliance risk.

Learner Engagement is critical in increasing completion rates. VET LMS is iPad and tablet friendly so students can study when and where they like. RTOs can have their own App for students, trainers and employers/JSAs. The look and feel is clean, contemporary and intuitive - and you can change it.

At-Risk students can't fly under the radar. VET LMS sends reminders to students who haven't been around for a while and records the contact in VETtrak. The My Students report helps trainers focus on At-Risk students. A weekly trainer email provides a check list of students who need contact and includes easy access to student records and contact data. VET LMS supports proactive student management and improved utilisation of trainer resources.

  • Book a Share-screen demo by completing the enquiry form and then play with our demo site.
  • Pay as you go from $2,200 per year

Many of our new clients already have an LMS
They come to us to for:

  • Reduced administration
  • Process automation
  • At-Risk Student management
  • Improved trainer case load
  • A better LMS experience

Many RTOs let their Trainers into VETtrak ... Ours don't!
The data they add is in VETtrak

  • Attendance marked and signed
  • Events added, edited and completed
  • Assessment recorded and uploaded
  • Client notes and history
  • Add a new clients
  • Add a new enrolments
  • Send email or SMS or both

VET LMS Clients are using content and resources from:

  • Futura Group, IBSA, Platinum eLearning, and any provider with a standards complaint API.
  • Google Docs, Drawing, Sheets, Slides and Sites
  • PDFs and Flip-book friendly
  • SCORM Compliant
  • LTI support
  • BYO API - we will work with any provider
  • DIY content supported
VET LMS has lots of really cool stuff:
  • Skype integration - click to call and chat.
  • AVETMISS Data collection
  • Automated USI collection
  • QI Surveys and reports

Just to be clear ...

  • No relationship is implied between JWGecko and the various content provider our customers choose to deploy in their LMS.
  • Our product requires a web connector (API) provided by your SMS company - some provide it at no charge, some charge for it, and some don't have one at all.
  • Enquiry Mate doesn't charge for access to its API, AVETMISS Done has a fee based on Student enrolments and VETtrak charges a premium on each admin licence.
  • VET LMS is available via a SaaS licensing model or on your own servers.