VET AI is JWGecko's artificial intelligence application built specifically for the VET sector. Affectionately known as Leon, the service provides a work flows to undertake the menial but essential tasks to run your RTO. In its simplest form, there is a Leon task to send a reminder SMS to students whose training starts 'tomorrow'. While most decent student management system can manage this feat, once set, our Leon remembers to send the SMS every time a new course starts and enables you to choose which courses will receive the SMS reminder.

A single SMS reminder is simply the start, Leon is able to sends a series of emails and text message with different content as deadlines comes closer and Leon checks the list each time to ensure the data is up to date. Leon's special favourite task is collecting and creating USIs and then verifying and storing them in your SMS. 

  • Profile & AVETMISS Review Notification
  • USI Notification
  • Required Pre-learning
  • Enrolment Cancellation
  • Booking Change
  • Upcoming Occurrence Notifications
  • Award Expiry Notifications
  • Incomplete Bookings Report
  • Saved Reports
  • Attendance Notifications
  • Learning Plan Reminder
  • LMS Auto Enrolments
  • Log In Reminder
  • New Enrolment Log In Reminder
  • Assessment Reminder
  • Event Reminder
  • QI Survey
  • Admin Users Check
  • Custom Notifications
  • Check Server Time
  • Task Checker
  • AusKey Check
  • Student Progression Notifications
  • Trainer Follow Up
  • Birthday Notifications

There are more 'Leons' added each month, or build your own!